Don’t lase me, bro!!

Had to make a quick blog post showing off my buddy’s new badass lazar. This thing will put your eye out! Our mutual friend, Larry Davis, built one of these beasts a few years back and spurred the interest, but this round of lazer madness (courtesy of MKD) is a bit more… intense.

Here’s a quick video of it being tested outside

If Morgan were a reddit Dos Equis-guy comic… it’d probably read something like, “I don’t build lasers often, but when I do.. they get blogged about, and burn things.”


Some assembly shots


Free vs Paid Traffic Sources

Getting started with affiliate marketing can be a bit challenging to a n00b. There are tons of “gurus” out there on the web who claim to have the secret recipe to making millions from internet marketing. Yet, most of these guys’ biggest source of income are their how-to courses, go figure.

Needless to say, you can get started without dropping a dime on knowledge that’s already freely available out there on the web. You just need to spend some time researching and reading up on the various topics, and form a good plan for your traffic methods.

Most beginners will want to start with free traffic methods, and build up the volume to reinvest in paid traffic sources for long-term scale.

Free Traffic Sources

  • Blogging – A great method for building up followers and targeted mailing lists for a campaign.
  • Websites – Similar to blogs, but with a bit more content and structure. Usually in the form of a service, directory, or resource for learning about a topic related to your campaigns. Good for contextual links, ad placements, and content gateways for mailing lists and incent offers.

Paid Traffic Sources

  • PPC – Pay Per Click (Adsense, Facebook ads, Plenty of Fish, Chase Clicks, etc.)
  • PPV – Pay Per View (TrafficVance, DirectCPV, etc.)
  • Email Marketing (Aweber, Senderr, eInfer, Constant Contact, iContact, etc.)

Chase Hosting

Chase Hosting was created early in 2001 as the high quality hosting network to support the Chase Ideas web design client projects and various web clients. The Chase Hosting web hosting network supports over 4,000 unique websites around the world.

Providing top-quality professional web hosting for your personal or business website is our passion. Top quality service and unbeatable value make the difference when choosing your website’s hosting plan. We provide the cutting edge infrastructure to deliver mission critical websites and web applications to your employees and customers quickly, reliably, and securely.

FREE Url Shortening at 5PL.US

My new URL Shortening Service, named 5PL.US arose from my want of a free, simple, clean, and otherwise uncluttered url shortening service. You can get a free shortened URL from 5PL.US quickly and easily within seconds. After choosing a custom alias or getting your uniquely generated link alias, you can paste this shortened url into your webpage or document and link to the same original page, except with a much easier to remember link. You can also easily track the statistics for your generated link by adding + to the end of the link. (eg. which links to, for the statistics of the link)

I hope you’ll check out the new free URL shortening service and consider using it for your url shortening needs. At only 5 characters long, and still a fairly new service, the URL generated is going to be extremely short, even if it is randomly processed.

The benefits of a shortened url, above and beyond the obvious convenience, tend to be extremely useful for people trying to brand the look of their urls. With custom aliases, you can choose a catchy name for the link alias and produce memorable and unique links for your company or online presence.

Hope to hear some feedback about this one!