Adobe CS3 Responding Slowly Opening New Window, Opening Image of any Type or Size


Adobe’s new CS3 (Photoshop and Illustrator mostly) experiences slow performance and lagging when opening or creating files regardless of size or type.



Check your printers. this error is related to the default printer and print service. If you have an offline or unconnected printer, this is most likely your issue.

Remove any offline or old/duplicate references to networked printers. If the printer is timing out, you will experience lag in Photoshop and Illustrator even on fast systems.


My Personal Experience: After installing the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Trial and using it for a little bit, I noticed it bogging very badly whenever I would create a new image or open an existing file of any type or size.

After searching around for a while, I caught wind of it being printer related, more specifically the printspooler service in windows. I had recently moved and not hooked up one of my networked printers.

After removing the offline printers (and printer that was trying to connect but would time-out) Photoshop opened files and created new ones with a snap!!

I’m very glad to have resolved this issue, it was getting very annoying having Photoshop lag on a Dual Core system running 4gb of DDR2 on a Rapter! Anyways, glad to have it cleared up! For anyone out there having this same issue, check your default printer and also remove any offline printers or ones that cannot connect!

Note: If you decide to repost this solution on your site, please reference my post above by linking to me somewhere on your page. Thanks!!! Hope this information helps!

UPDATE: If you missed this one, the ability to view PSD files in Windows Explorer is always nice!

  • Roger
    Yes, man! This is the most usefull and straight forward solution ever found in an Internet article! Photoshop was driving me mad!!
  • Tom
    Great! problem fixed! But hey wait a second, why the hell is CS3 checking my printer at the first place. This weird behaviour should be fixed by Adobe at the first place.
  • http://none Sean
    this didnt work for me. i went to printers and faxes and got ridd of the printers i dont use and photoshop is still unuseable. any help?
  • Craig
    Yes! This worked – thanks for publishing the fix!
  • ShadowBall
    I have never even had a printer installed on my laptop, yet under the Printer and Faxes tab in the Control Panel, I had five printers listed. They are: Adobe PDF, some kind of HP printer that was the only one listed as offline, Intuit Internal Printer, Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, and Microsoft XPS Document Writer. All the ones except for the HP printer say they are ready…I didn’t delete those because I wasn’t sure if they are necessary or not.

    But I got rid of the offline one and Illustrator – which often takes about two or three minutes to start up (and always must be closed with “End Now” because it decides to enter “Not Responding” mode upon trying to exit) popped up in about ten seconds. Should I remove those other “printers” too?

    Thanks very much for the tip. It’s so nice to use Illustrator and not have it take 30-60 seconds to think about a pen tool line or 2-3 minutes to think at startup.

  • Actionman
    I can’t thank you enough.
    So much frustration has just disappeared.
  • yamaniac
    Excellent solution mate! I never would have had a wildest thought that it would be my printer! lol!!! Cant thank you enough!
  • Shaun
    Awesome fix. You rock! Tried and it was an eye candy.. Thx a ton (How do you people find solutions like this) ^_^
  • Hagrid
    Thank you!
  • graphein
    ¡Nunca me lo hubiera imaginado!
    This issue slow dramaticaly my creative work
    Thanks you very very very much!
  • Javi
    Thank you !!!
  • Guest
    Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rahphoto
    I don’t have a printer connected and saving my images in PS is going really really slow… any other tips? Thanks!
  • Designbuildguy
    I had a similar problem, my chance, i just happened to turn off my wireless connection and it sped up instantly, no more lagging! I use my laptop at 2 offices, so i’ll have to figure something out, but that seems like the network printer thing may be the cause. Thanks so much!!
  • Allaiyah Weyn
    As of September 2011, this years-old advice still works when everything else has failed. Thanks :D
  • Thank U!
    Thanks a lot! I experienced the problem after your company changed printers. All of a sudden my Photoshop slowed down on opening any PSDs or even creating blank canvases. I deletet the old network printers and everything works fine again. Thank you very much!
  • Friendly Neighbor
    Amazing! Thanks soo much, I’ve been having that problem for some time and have no idea what was causing it. Thank you!
  • Sihozg
    Thanks :)))
  • Edaly_
    Worked! Great advice, well presented. You do a service to the internet..
  • Anonymous
    Glad to see everyone still finds this tip useful!! I’m very surprised Adobe hasn’t fixed this issue yet… I’ve even submitted a bug report to them about it and have yet to hear anything back.
  • Redcopaniket
    i hav no printer but status is showing ready in control panel ! thn wat shld i do ?
  • Mo Deki
    very stupid design
  • Rosie
    Sorry Steve, but this is not simply a ‘printer driver issue’ otherwise the huge lag and frequent ‘not responding’ would happen in other programs when printing and not just CS4. So clearly an Adobe issue IMHO.
  • lei
    at this moment, my adobe is still performing slow…i already check my printer, deleted the offline, i even uninstall and install it, but still slow whenever i open new files/images
  • Kangkam
    work for me
    thanks :D
  • Skynarc
    Man I could lick your nuts right now!